Web Hosting Reviews and Discounts

When choosing a web hosting service there are 5 important factors that you need to consider: Support, Bandwidth, Speed, Budget and Brand Value.

Here’s our top 5 contenders fighting to be your choice as the ultimate hosting service provider.


I’ve been a fan since the inception of my marketing career. I’ve been using them for the past 5 years and they do an amazing job for people just starting out with their blogs and business websites.

A shared hosting account does justice to anyone who’s just looking to get started and doesn’t really needs to add a lot to his expense line.

Using the this hostgator coupon can save you a lot of money while buying hosting for your first year or two.

It offers good service on a budget. Period.


WpEngine is a high-end WordPress hosting solution that gives your wordpress based website the resources it deserves.

However, WpEngine isn’t for beginners. If you have a successful website that is driving traffic and revenue to your business, then it’s well worth the money to upgrade to WpEngine.

I use WpEngine only for my elite projects and primary business websites that are critical to my business.

For new projects and test sites, I stick to Hostgator’s Shared Hosting Plans.

Read my Complete WpEngine Review.


Need more than just a wordpress hosting?

Virtual private servers (VPS) are required for high traffic websites that have more than just text, images and some ajax forms on them.

You need a VPS if your website has a backend and has to run complex processes for your visitors. For sites like these, I personally recommend VPS.net.

Read my Complete VPS.net Review.

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